The Firewing XBee SD shield is an Arduino compatible unit that has everything you need to support remote bootloading.  The Firewing loader will automatically handle any packet re-transmissions, if needed. Alternatively, you can use the XBee shield to communicate with another XBee shield or PC. An onboard switch, selectable between "user" and "uart", allows you to send the XBee TX and RX to either the primary or secondary hardware Firewing UART. Alternatively, you can breakout the "user" switch option to any suitable Firewing I/O pin. This is particularly useful for Arduino users who may prefer to use different pins for TX and RX, rather than the default D2 and D3 options.  The prototyping area is based around the standard Firewing shield that provides a double sided prototyping area with paired holes.

This board includes standard header pins but does not include stackable headers.  If you want your prototyping board to be stackable, you will need to purchase our stackable header kit.  If you require a board with the headers pre-soldered, please just drop us an email.

Please also note that the XBee module shown in the picture is not included with this purchase.

Main Features

  • Shield designed to work with Arduino or compatible main boards. Standard shield size.
  • Onboard micro Secure Digital (SD) card slot.  You will need a microSD card if you want to save data.
  • Onboard regulator - allows high power transceivers to be used.
  • Large prototyping area.
  • Reset button.
  • Switchable routing of XBee TX and RX pins.
  • Breakout pads for XBee RX and TX in "user" switch mode - reroute to alternative header pins.
  • Breakable link for SD card Chip Select (CS)
  • Onboard LED showing TX, RX, Assoc and RSSI.

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Arduino Code

The following Arduino code has been tested with this shield.

XBee SD Shield

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