The Firewing GPS SD shield is an Arduino compatible unit which has an embedded antenna and tiny footprint GPS module. It also has a built in UART, making communicating with this device a breeze. The GPS shield also has a built in Secure digital (SD) card slot, which allows you to transform your shield into a GPS data logging solution!

Please note that this shield includes the GPS receiver module.

Main Features

  • Shield designed to work with Arduino or compatible main boards. Standard shield size.
  • Uses Fastrax UP501 GPS module with embedded antenna.
  • Onboard micro Secure Digital (SD) card slot.  You will need a microSD card if you want to save data.
  • Large prototyping area.
  • Reset button.
  • Software can control power to main GPS module - extremely useful in low power control environments.
  • Breakout pad for software power control - reroute power control to alternative header pin.
  • Breakout pad for GPS module backup battery.
  • Breakout pads for GPS RX and TX - reroute UART to alternative header pins.
  • Breakable link for SD card Chip Select (CS)
  • Onboard LED showing GPS fix.

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Arduino Code

The following Arduino code has been tested with this shield.

GPS SD Shield

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