The Firewing LCD Plus shield is an Arduino compatible unit with an onboard DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC), DS18B20 temperature sensor, a microSD card slot, 5 button keypad and also a light sensor.  Many LCD shields I have seen use a standard Hitachi based HD44780 compatible LCD which is larger than the physical shield, but not this shield!.  The LCD unit used fits perfectly on a standard shield footprint and also uses a standard HD44780 interface! It's really readable as well, especially with the back light switched on.  You can control the backlight brightness using a single Firewing instruction. Or use the LCD+ light sensitive resistor to control the backlight brightness - really cool!

If you are not sure which LCD to choose, I would recommend the amber 2 x 16 display. It's a great general purpose display and looks fantastic when all lit up, especially against the black silkscreen. It's my personal favourite!

Please note that this shield includes a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a light resistor but they are not soldered onto the board.  This is because you may want to locate both the temperature sensor and the light resistor away from the board.  If you want the sensors pre-soldered on the board, please just drop us an email.

Main Features

  • Shield designed to work with Arduino or compatible main boards. Standard shield size.
  • Onboard micro Secure Digital (SD) card slot.  You will need a microSD card if you want to save data.
  • Onboard DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) with backup battery holder.  You will need backup battery if using the RTC.
  • Onboard DS18B20 temperature sensor.
  • Onboard light sensitive resistor.
  • Five button keypad.
  • Reset button.
  • 2 x 16 or 3 x 16 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Hitachi HD44780 compatible chipset.
  • LCD backlight - brightness can be controlled by user software.

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Arduino Code

The following Arduino code has been tested with this shield.

LCD Plus Shield

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